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“Is it really so dishonorable to just get up and head for the door?”

In music videos, vinyl on Friday, 6 January, 2012 at 11:42

Songs: The Mighty Sparrow; Last Days
Artist: Ted Leo and The Pharmacists
Album: The Brutalist Bricks

I was looking for the throwback rock of “Last Days” alone, but I just couldn’t say no to that warm, friendly solo. (“My mind danced to you”, “being alone, I naturally thought of you”– a little much touchy-feely for a title, I’ll go with the rhetorical question, thank you.) And it’s symmetric, as these are respectively the opening and closing tracks of the album. At least this way one gets a bit of both, complementing the sprightly punk-y pop of the former, with the latter’s more bottom-heavy, straightforward rock and the awesome heavyosity of its choruses and the classic sound of the opening– don’t tell me the guitars announcing their presence at 0:13 don’t effect a bit of “yeah, man….” in you. And actually, it does have its own nice, emotive solo after the first verse, even if its not as bright as the one in “Sparrow.”

My love for Ted Leo is not as strong as it once was, but as one discovers more and more music, what can you do? But, “Last Days”, and consequently the rest of the album, found me. I was tempted to listen to him more, but stopped so I could at least get this out before I chose another song. It was nice to hear some good ol’ plain and simple rock again, a nice return to form from a couple of years ago, as solid as any of his other albums.


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