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“Once you start, you can’t ever go backwards”

In music videos, vinyl on Thursday, 5 January, 2012 at 14:49

Song: Consolation Prizes
Artist: Phoenix
Album: It’s Never Been Like That

Like I was saying before, despite my distaste for all the hubbub, I can enjoy some of this stuff. This, in fact, is quite good. I think it’s all the  polish, sheen, safe, too-clean sound that gets to me sometimes. I like all kinds, but too much of it tends to grate. Admittedly, it’s mostly the hype machine’s fault. But, when music shines, not even blind, fawning, excessive praise can cloud my judgment. This is a pretty flawless exercise in memorable, ebullient, irrepressible guitar pop, complete with those shaky, maraca-type things (maracas?) and heavenly backing aah’s, in all their harmonic fun.

I initially wanted you, “Long Distance Call”, but you don’t have funny stop-motion, sorry:


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