Sammy the Seal

“You’ve never ever been so sure that what you’ve got can’t be cured”

In vinyl on Wednesday, 4 January, 2012 at 21:59

Song: Heaven’s Gonna Happen Now
Artist: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Album: Belong

It’s so strange, I haven’t felt like listening to music at all recently. It’s a little scary. I was thinking that maybe the exuberance of this song could snap me out of it. Hell, the first second might be enough. It kicks off with the drumstick tapping, which signifies “sudden, powerful, air-drum-worthy fill to follow”. Then you have the drum roll, a solid, buoyant tune, a little jangle before the blissed-out chorus, the awesome licks at the end of each chorus, another drum roll at 2:39 capped off with a dramatic hi-hat and beat drop before the song charges back in for the home stretch. Very electric song, no pun intended. The guitar and drums are wonderful throughout, writing, performance, and of course, production.

Hm, I suppose an enumeration of great things about this song isn’t really necessary, if you have ears and a brain capable of processing melody.

[Post-script: I think it worked.]]


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