Sammy the Seal

“My strength is much greater than yours!”

In funny ha ha on Thursday, 29 December, 2011 at 13:56

Yeah, I’m late, but I still enjoyed this. It’s a Street Fighter version of that video from Australia of some incredibly stupid shrimp bullying a kid twice his size from earlier this year. (I’d call out the asshole kids who stood around and participated verbally, except without them there’d be no video.) I saw it originally on the (rather simple) website paying tribute to the “Zangief Kid”, with background of the incident). Not only is the addition of music hilarious, but it gives his exit an extra dose of bad-ass. Anyone who grew up with these games ought to love it:

Here are a couple of videos modifying the skirmish into video game mode. I like the original with only the music, but they’re still pretty good. The addition of the defeat screen (“my strength is much greater than yours!”) is a great touch.



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