Sammy the Seal

My First Tart Pans™

In vinyl on Tuesday, 27 December, 2011 at 21:54

Once kitty stop drinking the tree water and get down off the box, I can finally open it. I made the tarts on Christmas Eve, for two discrete groups of people, but it would appear I may have made them prematurely. Who cares, the pans are so shiny!

tart pans

I'm aware that displaying a photo of tart pans is dorky, but any addition to my kitchen arsenal is exciting. Also, I'm just happy that someone not me got me a present.

Song: Thursday (acoustic)
Artist: Asobi Seksu
Album: Rewolf

I’ll be the first to admit those spoken-word en-français background vocals of the chorus is kinda cheesy, but I’m guessing they didn’t want to do a straight, by-the-book acoustic version, and so added something rather superfluous just because, or screwed around a little. Of course, the original reigns supreme, but it’s nice to have around when you just want something peaceful, soothing, or unassuming, even if it doesn’t add much to the song itself. But at least you can hear Yuki’s voice clearly and cleanly, and hell, it still sounds sweet.

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