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“Lie down, you fake ninja turtle!”

In funny ha ha on Thursday, 22 December, 2011 at 20:49

Ah, PC games of youth. My brother was the one who had all the money from working, so I just watched him play most of the time, though . This was from Gobliins 2, which succeeded Gobliiins and preceded Goblins 3. This was a really interesting and ingenious/bizarre series of puzzle games, each set to a different storyline– basically, a quest consisting of puzzles, not adventure. In the first game, you control three goblins, the second, two, and the last, one. The purple one, Winkle, is the irreverent, bull-headed wacko. The other is more polite when speaking to other characters, but what fun is “Excuse me, sir…”? when you can have “What are you waiting for, smelly, some medals?” and the titular insult, which is cryptic yet effective. Try it out and see for yourself.

I love all the character flourishes: the laughing, the shrugging, the whistling, the exasperation, “no-no”, “yippee” plus backflip, the thumbs-up, and overall animation of the characters. The weird noise that signifies speech is perfect. It fits the oblique, off-center tone of the game.  Here’s the first part of the game, with some good examples of the aforementioned:


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