Sammy the Seal

“It’s so cold in this house….in this bed….”

In vinyl on Wednesday, 21 December, 2011 at 23:27

Song: Like Eating Glass
Artist: Bloc Party
Album: Silent Alarm

No hating here, but I’ve always been baffled at all hoopla that’s surrounded these guys, even more so for bands such as Vampire Weekend and Phoenix. While each has songs I genuinely enjoy, the volume of adulation I saw confounded and annoyed a little. Of course, if I didn’t think this a decent song, it wouldn’t be here, though I admit merely being cold prompted me to think of this song, which became doubly appropriate, as I remembered that I have to endure sleeping alone for another week and a half. Yeah, boo hoo, eh?

  1. […] I was saying before, despite my distaste for all the hubbub, I can enjoy some of this stuff. This, in fact, is quite […]

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