Sammy the Seal

“Lost because I wanna be lost”

In celluloid, vinyl on Monday, 12 December, 2011 at 0:40

Song: Free
Artist: The Martinis
Album: The Martinis

To be honest, the album is actually the soundtrack from Empire Records. Who am I kidding, I had it. Yes, the heyday of “alternative” music. The movie was fluff, though it did have little Liv Tyler and little Renée Zellweger (or, Zell-wedger, if you prefer). Actually, Robin “The Craft” Tunney was much cuter, with those lovely eyes. Well, with hair she was cuter, anyway (oh, and hey, the song):

(I’m guessing that’s a demo version or something they used there.)

It features half of Pixies, so it’s got a little cred there. That slightly sloppy, seemingly dissonant, wonky solo being Joey Santiago’s– I assume– doing (with lead vocals by Mrs. Joey Santiago). Sounds familiar to me. Just one of many of the minor 90s “alternative” “hits”, but a pleasant little song nonetheless, and, despite the less-than-groundbreaking theme of the song, it feels sincere to me. That, or else I’m mistaking nostalgia for it.


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