Sammy the Seal

“Walk on back”

In vinyl on Saturday, 10 December, 2011 at 19:27

Song: How A Resurrection Really Feels
Artist: The Hold Steady
Album: Separation Sunday

An awkward mouthful of a title, but such sweet sorrow. At least the equal of “Lord, I’m Discouraged” in terms of exemplifying grand, well-crafted elegiac rock storytelling. It doesn’t have a blazing guitar solo centerpiece as “Lord” does, but the guitar lines tailing the line “so we all got kinda curious” (the final line of vocals) are as cathartic and redemptive. I have absolutely no concept of that scene/lifestyle– hoodrats, partying, religion, rock, substances, etc.– but the music really gives you a sense of story and, coming at the end of the album, finality. The music box ending feels precious and a little calculated, though actually, it starts at 2:57, and is a case of merely being the last track standing. Slightly cloying,¬†but I still like it.

(The audio glitch at the beginning is from a scratchy cd– remember those?– I wasn’t careful enough, disc, I’m sorry.)

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