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“Only love, I promise– it’s true!”

In music videos on Monday, 5 December, 2011 at 23:51

So, it appears Ms. Marit has a new album out in the last few weeks, but in Europe though. However, she will be coming across the water to play the northeast in February/March, and I’m leaning towards spending money I don’t have to go other there (also, I haven’t traveled anywhere fun in two or three years). As long as I get to see her laugh after each song, I’d think it’d be worth it:

I love the final messed-up-then-corrected chord followed by a hearty laugh of acknowledgement. Talk about lightening the mood– fantastic. (Stupid choppy, but I wanted the beginning where she talks about the overall subject matter of her songs. I’ll drop the good, but truncated one at the end.)

Even in a more formal and public setting (on television), she finds performing amusing:

What a doll. I’m pretty sure I have to make the trip now.

(the no-choppy video)

A lot less annoying, no? Completely unimportant since I don’t have it, but there used to be an even longer video, non-choppy, from the other side of the stage, very close to her. But the author took it down, boo hoo.

It’s damn cold, I’m going to bed.


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