Sammy the Seal

“It takes fuel to turn the wheels, to keep the grace to still discover”

In vinyl on Sunday, 4 December, 2011 at 23:59

Song: Fuel
Artist: Marit Larsen
Album: The Chase

Of all the nice surprises one can get at the front door… Like last year, I thought about getting my own Christmas tree for the first time. I said, “If you see any two-foot trees anywhere, let me know.” Then, I had a three-foot tree delivered to my front door. I feel special. A sweet, fuzzy (and good) song would seem to be in order, and Ms. Larsen well fits the bill (I was going to do this song soon anyhow). It’s an evanescent little joy: simple, spare, direct, and gone in seconds shy of two minutes. The guitar and the voice (ah, that voice) match each other with understated and restrained sincerity. Infinitely more effective than and beats attention-seeking and facile bombast and melodrama every time.

It may look like just a tree, but it’s actually My First Christmas Tree ™. When I lived at home, we always had a plastic one, but since I’ve been away, I’ve never had one, not even with roommates. It’s just a tree, but it feels nice that my place will be a little less empty this December. Thank you, delivery girl.

my first tree

What’s better than a star? A mai tai umbrella.

my first tree 2

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