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“It’s a violent truth that I’m like you”

In music videos, vinyl on Friday, 2 December, 2011 at 19:37

Song: Red Sea
Artist: Asobi Seksu
Album: Citrus

I’m glad I have Yuki and co. to forget about my recent moody and wash over everything. It felt good to get home today and put this on, with my feet on the table and the bass turned down so the treble could pop out more. I like the peaceful set-up/curtain rise– thirty seconds to settle in to your seats before the rumbling drums and ethereal vocals enter, then you’re in for some good old quiet-loud-quiet and messy, euphoric guitars. Oh man, is it stirring when the bottom drops out at 4:08, and it’s even more exhilarating when it all roars back and crashes down at 5:29 to start the grand finale, almost two minutes of majestic sonic bliss/mess. On top of that, I thought it quite nice of them to supply those peaceful last 25 seconds, for comedown and to regain one’s bearings. Very thoughtful, thank you.

I’m sad now, no more 6+ minute songs– they only have three, plus this and this. I tend not to favor extended jams, but I really like theirs. Very noisy and cathartic, with lots of space and movement. Marvelous when cranked, I can only dream of a live experience…

It would appear that most Yuki drum solos happen on this song, but both shows I took in didn’t have it. I guess one epic song per show is enough, and it was off the new album, so I don’t fault them. Still, given how loud they are live, it’d be nice one day…. It’s okay to skip to 6:00, she takes over the hot seat shortly thereafter:


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