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Brown cake-y cookies

In delicious on Tuesday, 29 November, 2011 at 23:55

cake cookies

So this is more along the lines of what I hoped the first attempt would look like. I nearly doubled the amount of flour, decreased the amount of sugar by a couple of T or so, and substituted brown sugar for granulated to ensure a dense product. However, these are a little too big and fat for my liking, I would’ve liked more spread. Clearly the issue was flour (more is needed when substituting cake), so I didn’t need to use brown, which will also allow the cookies to not come out brown. I didn’t think brown sugar would have too much effect on the color, but it was the only dark ingredient, so it must’ve been that. (In the past, I’d always used whole grain flour, so I figured it was only the flour, not the sugar, that colors dough or batter.) It’d also be nice to have a cookie drop (a luxury, I admit) one day. These were formed with a tablespoon and my fingers.

My favorite part about these,? The light, fine crumb, which was still a little moist even after 36 hours. When I pull one in two, not one crumb falls. Each severed bit stays together- nothing dangling, nothing loose. I was amazed. Now that’s structure for you.


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