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Make-up apple pie

In delicious on Monday, 28 November, 2011 at 20:03

This is what was supposed to go with Thanksgiving dinner, except things got a little mucked up. I think the apples were sliced a bit too thick, but mainly it was the crust that was a chore. Not sure where precisely I went wrong with it (I did use a recipe that used egg for moisture, instead of ice water and vinegar– tsk, should’ve stuck with what I knew, especially with company involved), but I was unhappy and ashamed, especially since my hosts held up their end of the deliciousness bargain. Rather than figure out what happened, I wanted a guaranteed success, so I went with my proudest apple pie recipe from a couple of years ago. Except this time, I wanted to have interwoven lattice top. Even if it is four days late, I still felt I should atone.

I use seven apples total, not too big though, as they all have to fit. It should heap, but not overflow. When filling the crust, I arrange the apples, fitting the curve of the apple slices to the  curve of the dish, and pack them lightly. As you can sort of see, it’s generous, but not excessive:

raw apple pie

raw apple pie glazed


two Granny Smith, two Braeburn, one Rome, one McIntosh, one Winesap (the first time I made it, I did two Romes, no Winesap, which I only just found)
2/3 c brown sugar
cinnamon, allspice
at least 3 T cornstarch

I used all-purpose white wheat flour (the species, not the color) for the crust instead of pastry, turned out just as great. That crust recipe has yet to disappoint. However, I also like to think I’m pretty good at my mixing and kneading technique. The interweaving was pretty easy, the trickiest part is probably rolling the dough thin/thick enough to be handled without breaking.  cut the strips to the desired width with my scraper, then laid the strips going one direction. Then, I crossed the other direction, going over and under one at a time from the far side to the near. It was pretty easy, for something that ends up looking so pretty. Then, as I almost always do, I put on a coating of egg wash (egg white and a little cold water) to protect the crust and give it a glaze, then sprinkle with turbinado sugar. Then, 400º for 15 minutes, drop to 350º for the last 30-35.

make-up thanksgiving apple pie

make-up thanksgiving apple pie 2

The only thing amiss was that I didn’t press the crust together well enough at the edges. Oh well. A little imperfection helps the homemade aesthetic, doesn’t it? I’m so proud of this one, I’m even including photos of the flakiness of the crust and the lattice. The crust recipe I use is always flaky, I just wanted to show off this once:

apple pie flaky crust 1

apple pie flaky crust 2

apple pie flaky crust 3

If only I’d had this last Thursday, boo hoo. My fair hosts, I am truly penitent. Given those great sandwiches, even more so.


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