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Cake flour chocolate chip cookie mass + fried plantains

In delicious on Wednesday, 23 November, 2011 at 9:58

Yeah, these didn’t come out so well, but I thought it’d be funny to include a picture of my failure. They taste great, but they did melt together. Hello, dough scraper/cutter. I wonder what I did wrong. More flour needed perhaps? I read that cake flour is supposed to make thicker, cake-like (of course) cookies, but the batter wasn’t even that thick. It was sort of creamy. I’d like to get it right next time. Meanwhile, have a good laugh:

cookie mass

On the other hand, the plantains turned out great. Unfortunately, the presentation leaves something to be desired:

plantains on a paper towel

I did make them just before running out the door this morning, so I didn’t have time for aesthetics. I tried making these a few weeks ago, but with underripe plantains. I was impatient. They were, uh, not successful. Fortunately, last week I bought one that was mostly ripe. The key, regardless of color, is softness. The softer and riper, the better. The inside should be pinkish. Fried with a little oil at medium heat until golden yellow and delicious. Don’t worry about slightly charring, as seen above, it’ll still be great. I think it adds to it, even. Next time there will be a plate, I promise. Those paper towels aren’t helping.

  1. […] this is more along the lines of what I hoped the first attempt would look like. I nearly doubled the amount of flour, decreased the amount of sugar by a couple […]

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