Sammy the Seal

“Those fucked-up fuck-ups fucking suck”

In vinyl on Monday, 21 November, 2011 at 17:38

Song: Told You Once
Artist: The Mr. T Experience
Album: Short Music For Short People compilation

Gee, Apple, thanks for the upgrade, my iPod works better than before, certainly better than just before installing the new o.s. Don’t worry about the scratchy audio, listening to music is more a secondary function of this device. How can we ever thank you? We’ll drain its battery daily for you.

At least the first time I went in, the guy was nice and told me it was corrupted (of course, where do we get our updates…?), and reset it for me. I went in the second time, a different guy said it’s not the software, it might be the hardware– and, of course, pitched me on options for getting a new device. Not that I bought his shit at the time, all I could think was “I’m not stupid, bitch, I told you: before the update, I had not one issue. Therefore the new o.s. is the problem.” The fact that he was selling me on top of that kind of annoyed me further, I’m surprised no sarcasm came out, not even a dirty look. They didn’t even seem to know there was an issue, even though I’ve found many complaints online.  The least they could have said was “yeah, we’ve heard about these issues.”

I can’t believe I’m griping about technology, much less in a post. Pathetic. After toying around, I may have found my own fix, I turned sound check ON, unlike normal. Unfortunately, this means the volume is lower, which means I’d have to crank it to get it audible, so it’s not really a fix.

Word of caution: just because update software is available, you don’t have to install it, especially if everything is running perfectly as it is. See what features are to be installed, then decide whether or not they’re worth it. What I wouldn’t give to downgrade operating systems….


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