Sammy the Seal

“On heaven’s golden shore we’ll lay our heads”

In vinyl on Thursday, 10 November, 2011 at 11:46

Song: Golden
Artist: My Morning Jacket
Album: It Still Moves

Magical. A fitting song title if there ever was one. Gentle, sweet, yet thoroughly lively rhythm. Melody and instrumentation from the gods. I’ll shut up rather than expound further. The most effective way to shut me up is with beauty. Song, I relinquish the spotlight to thee.

For an example of how special good songwriting is, read the second verse. Note the slightly maudlin, touchy-feely tone of the lyrics as they are dry, then compare to the finished product:

“feeling you here again
hot on my skin again
feelin’ good, a thing I’ve never known before
what does it mean to feel?
millions of dreams ‘come real
a feeling in my soul I’ve never felt before

you, you always told me
no matter how long it holds me
if it falls apart or makes us millionaires
be right here forever
go through this thing together
and on heaven’s golden shore, we’ll lay our heads”

You can’t help but be happy for the guy.


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