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Late-night shopping at my local petrol station

In celluloid, funny ha ha, You're a kitty! on Sunday, 6 November, 2011 at 20:24

So we went shopping last night. I thought it might be fun for her to get out a bit. Lucky for her she’s a longhair, though I did bring a blanket. She opted for nestling between the seats, and on my lap, when possible. At one point she was in the back and I believe I heard her slide off while I making a turn (¡mi pobrecita!). Then, while climbing over the seat onto my shoulder then lap, she opened back window with one of her feet. I’d rather she walk across the seats rather than climb over, but oh well. I’m not doing any high-speed, high-intensity driving.

Below the photos is the namesake of this post, courtesy of M. Izzard. Both the live-action and Lego® versions are there, because his mannerisms are just as important to the bit, even if can be more fun to watch the Danish toys move about.

En route:
late-nite shopping 1

late-nite shopping 2

Staying low to shelter herself from the cold:
late-nite shopping 3

Almost home:
late-nite shopping 4




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