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Banana flax muffins

In delicious on Friday, 4 November, 2011 at 6:48

At a grocery store a week or two ago, I passed by a box of milled flax seed. Why it caught my eye, I have no idea. Possibly, I was just looking up and down the aisle at the sale items, for the hell of it. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was only a dollar, down from $4-5. Why the hell not, surely I could find something to do with it. I had already been wanting to make banana muffins, instead of bread, for once. Rather than going out to get nuts, I remembered my find. I used the same recipe for bread I always use, except I didn’t spice it and, instead of nuts, I used 3/4 cups milled flax seed. Bake at 375º for 18-20 minutes on a cookie sheet to keep the bottom from cooking too darkly. Makes one and a half dozen. Healthy stuff, as I understand it. I had a couple while they were warm, washing them down with milk. Ahhh….

banana flax muffin

  1. […] good way to use up some carrots is to make banana flax carrot bread/muffin. It’s the same as this, with about half as much flax seed, plus 2/3 cup grated carrot, and applesauce instead of butter. […]

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