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In words, words, words on Thursday, 3 November, 2011 at 0:39

baking books

At least it feels like it. I just got these Tuesday, and upon starting the science book (on the right), I felt like I was reading for class– lots of details and technical information, which meant slow reading and re-reading. It’s laid out like a textbook, with quiz and discussion questions at the end of each chapter, so it’s likely a textbook at some schools or institutes somewhere. If so, it’s come in handy should I ever go to school for this stuff, one less book to buy and all. The one on the left has more technique and general recipes, with little bits of knowledge thrown in. And it’s a fancy hardback with glossy pages and photos. I should be more excited, I finally have a cookbook and general knowledge resources! Hopefully this means less scouring online for recipes. Instead I could have a basic recipe for something, then expand on it. Create more, borrow less. With science text to advise me on what is and isn’t possible.

I shouldn’t too get ahead of myself, I certainly don’t expect immediate results in the kitchen. I kinda have to finish both books first, and even then. Hey, it’s only 850 pages.

  1. […] first result of my new cookbooks, specifically the baking science textbook– hooray! As the mouthful of a title suggests, these […]

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