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“That summer feeling is gonna fly”

In music videos, vinyl on Tuesday, 1 November, 2011 at 20:56

Song: Sparky’s Dream
Artist: Teenage Fanclub
Album: Grand Prix

As heard on the 99.5 FM KISS Alternative Show, Sunday nights at 8. At least in the late 90s it was, succeeded by Modern Rock Live, which I never listened to. I’m trying to remember the host of the show, but all I can remember is his voice. Mark Curry? Something Curry, I believe. Those were some good, simple times, Sunday nights spent taping stuff on the radio and tried to stay clued in, for San Antonio anyway. It was still a nice refuge from the rest of the sludge. I still have a cassette of music taped from the show somewhere, I’m pretty sure this is on there. A sweet song thirteen (nudge nudge, wink wink) years ago, and a sweet song today. Great guitar/power/whatever pop, smooth harmonies and backing vocals. Ooh’s and aah’s abound.

(See what happens when you buy protected music? You can’t convert it to another file format, so I have to get the .mp3 from somewhere else. A shame, because the iTunes copy is cleaner and brighter, the guitars chime out that much more.)

Hm, never knew there was a video. Likely because we didn’t have cable anymore then. It’s nothing special, but still. The “shooting star” shot is pleasantly quirky. Definitely a 90’s video, what with the simplicity and style of the band shots. At least now I know what they looked like!


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