Sammy the Seal

“It’s not like we were married”

In vinyl on Sunday, 30 October, 2011 at 19:06

Song: The Face Of The Earth
Artist: The Dismemberment Plan
Album: Change

What is it about these guys that they go so well with declining weather? This sounds so appropriate, natural, even, under overcast skies and <50º F air. It’s moody and mysterious, yet far from mopey and gloomy, though. There are numerous flashes of life– I quite like the cymbals here, and the guitars have a strange, angular, almost atonal (though not really, I just can’t find the word) sound at times that fits well the paranormal, metaphysical storyline. The way they churn at the chorus would fit nicely with sudden gusts of wind. I think you could do this with 90% clouds.

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