Sammy the Seal

“This loss isn’t good enough for sorrow or inspiration”

In vinyl on Wednesday, 26 October, 2011 at 11:25

Song: It Just Is
Artist: Rilo Kiley
Album: More Adventurous

I thought about titling it “everybody dies” but went against my morbid inclinations. It’s probably the prettiest utterance of “everybody dies” you’ll ever hear though, that’s sweet Jenny Lewis. I love perspective songs. Life is so much more manageable when you accept the things that are inevitable. Surely it’s no accident that this closes out the album with the equally lovely “A Man/Me/Then Jim” and its “the slow fade of love”  and “a gradual descent into a life you never meant” refrains preceding it. Both a tad somber and plaintive, yet graceful.

A little too short (2+ minutes) and sweet, yet fitting, and even a little light-hearted, from the sound of the intro. That’s xylophone for you.


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