Sammy the Seal

“A giant fist is out to crush us”

In vinyl on Thursday, 20 October, 2011 at 16:16

Song: A Pillar of Salt
Artist: The Thermals
Album: The Body, The Blood, The Machine

Ha, great imagery. So, memory lane. Most of the time, as far as memories go, music evokes more an indefinite period in time than a pinpoint. A broad feeling rather than an event. This is a rare exception for me, though. Back in 2006, I moved from the west coast to the east, crashing with family along the way, the final destination being New York. My sister in North Carolina drove me up to D.C./Alexandria, where she pawned me off on my sister from Connecticut, who took me back up. On the first leg of the trip, we listened to Sirius radio, as my sister had bought her husband some device for the car that came with a trial subscription. I specifically remember when this song came on. That’s all. Nothing eventful, however, I don’t recall any other songs I heard on the way there.

Not an exciting anecdote, but it occurred to me as interestingly uncommon that music evoked a rather insignificant, non-emotional memory. No wistfulness, just a neutral, historical response. A matter of fact. A soulless memory, in a way.

That being said, it’s a good song. It’s why I bought the record.


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