Sammy the Seal

“I need a little escape”

In vinyl on Tuesday, 18 October, 2011 at 11:37

Song: Black Albino Bones
Artist: Fucked Up
Album: The Chemistry Of Common Life

I didn’t know they still made hard music that’s tuneful and creative. Usually this type of vocalist accompanies/signifies  directionless, petulant noise, but Pink Eyes doesn’t really bother me, likely because of the quality of the music. It’s not strictly hardcore or punk, and it’s actually not too abrasive, despite the vocal and musical styles. The music often seems to have an aim, which is what I think allows me to tolerate, and even appreciate it. Similar to, though not equal to, Refused’s final record. It had overwhelming hardcore and punk roots, but it went places, it didn’t just pummel you with the same aggressive sounds. The songs were discrete and idiosyncratic in comparison to one another. (See: the jazz breakdown in “Deadly Rhythm”.)

I don’t want to seem like a wimp, but I remember, years ago, trying to listen to Minor Threat and stopping because I got a headache. Coincidentally, I recently tried listening to Fugazi and I’m still having a little trouble getting into it as well, though my head doesn’t hurt much this time, so I’m slightly more hopeful. Pardon the iconoclasm, purists and artistic absolutists, but I don’t get the appeal. Too much noise, not enough music. I need a little bit of tunefulness. In that respect, Chemistry also reminds me of Pretty Girls Make Graves, but good. Technically proficient PGMG, were surely, but another hyped hard group I couldn’t get into. There’s actually one song I can get into, and it’s not “Speakers Push the Air”. (Just because a band is from where you live doesn’t mean they don’t have to earn your accolades. But then, I’m not a Pacific NW native, ha!)

If you recall, there was a time when Crash Test Dummies was likely all most people knew of Canadian music. Then look at the last ten or so years. Keep it rockin’, you crazy Canucks.


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