Sammy the Seal

“Help me shatter my foolish heart”

In music videos, vinyl on Friday, 14 October, 2011 at 10:10

Song: I’m A Pretender
Artist: The Exploding Hearts
Album: Guitar Romantic

The boys in white, as I understand it. I won’t depress you with their tragic story, but instead focus on that immaculate throwback sound. Scuzzy as hell but melodic, it sounds like it was actually from the 70s. Anachronistic, almost. Still a bit unnerving to hear, though. I’m not sure why, death is a part of life. (I want to know what he says at the end, all I hear is “something something shit”.) Ugh, let’s just focus on the exuberance.

So, a little morbid and sad to watch this performance. I thought maybe it’s because it was only in the last few years, but after checking the dates, this was three days before the accident, and, unless I’m mistaken, the last show they played. Oh, so that‘s why it’s a little uncomfortable. The songs are “Modern Kicks”, “I’m A Pretender”, and “Boulevard Trash”. Sound is a bit harsh, but what are you gonna do, complain?


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