Sammy the Seal

“The loneliness reminds you that everything fades”

In vinyl on Friday, 14 October, 2011 at 17:30

Song: Bad Times
Artist: Annie
Album: Don’t Stop

Oh baby. Oh my. I think I just came. Here’s your m.f. weekend, people. Another set of bittersweet, forlorn lyrics wrapped up in an exultant rave-up. Like “Heartbeat”, but even better. I love the organic percussion, it makes the song hit a little bit harder. The driving tempo says dance, but this could almost be a rock song. Just pump up the guitar a little, or add another one. Yes, Annie’s vocals can be kinda thin, but given the tone of the subject matter, they add a touch of fragility here. So good. I mean, but how are Katy Perry, her ilk, and all their quasi-melodies on the radio, yet this girl can’t chart? Fuck you, America, and shame on you. I still have trouble comprehending how far melodic and songwriting standards have fallen. It boggles and boggles.

I need another reminder. Ah, yes. Oh Annie, oh baby….

“Bad times never sounded so good
Even though I know we’re no good, I forget about the pain
You’re damn right, we’ve been on and off for too long
Even though I know it’s so wrong still I feel the same

The loneliness reminds you that everything fades
You said that love is strange
With all the mess behind you, it’s better that way
You said our love could change

To have you in my arms
When all is said and done
To have you in my arms
Make believe we’ve just begun

Bad times”

In case the audio screws up (I had a hard time uploading):

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