Sammy the Seal

“Oh great, a Star Trek sketch!”

In funny ha ha on Thursday, 13 October, 2011 at 19:07

Oh, the tortured, feigned enthusiasm– poor Shatner. “Try to get him to say Klingon”– what pricks, ha ha! Makes you want to be in show business, doesn’t it, inhaling and exhaling all that phony bullshit? But then, that was the brilliance of the show. As an HBO exec said, “Celebrity is an American illness, and this was the show that lanced the boil.” Or, as Larry said in the series finale, “I’m a fuckin’ talk show host… I’m all fucked up.” Man, are these people flawed and unlikable. Great show. (“Survey says no” was another great one-liner.)

For any non-nerds out there, DeForest Kelley was one of William Shatner’s co-stars on the original series. Knowing this, the response to “what was your biggest enemy on Star Trek?” still probably won’t be that funny, as some familiarity is required. If you are, you should get a good laugh out of it. His straight response says it all.


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