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“That Dottie, she’s really radical with bikes”

In celluloid, funny ha ha on Wednesday, 12 October, 2011 at 10:05

Oh, how I wasted time watching clips from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure last night. I should just watch the whole thing. So many funny parts and good memories. Ah, 80s, the best time to grow up. Rather than post a funny favorite (the BMX kids here are quite amusing, actually– “what’s she doing to it?” Gold!), which would be impossible due to the embarrassment of riches of clips, I’ll show off a clip of and talk about how completely adorable Elizabeth Daily is. She wasn’t a long-limbed, knockout hottie– she was better than that. Pardon the girl-next-door trope/cliché, but she had the market cornered. The look, the voice, the attitude… be still, my heart. Look at how she struts in at 0:31, sidles up all cool (“hi, Pee-wee”– so sexy), and she gets all shy and a bit girlish. That half-smile at 1:29, right at the cut, is so sweet. I remember having a crush on Dottie in this (she looked just as cute in Valley Girl, as well), and thinking how stupid Pee-wee was for not going out with her. In fact, he patronizes her and treats her like a kid sister. Look at her disappointment! I felt bad for her, and that if it were me, I totally woulda gotten with her. Sigh, if only he knew how gorgeous she’d become. Take a lookwow. Foolish PW.

Uh oh, the crush is back. Must seek out the aforementioned two films. Goddamn, she’s fuckin’ cute:

The quality ain’t so good on the next one, it’s actually a video of a t.v. screen playing the movie. It’s the end, at the drive-in, where she’s all dolled up. Pretty, though not as endearing a look, but it’s still Dottie.


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