Sammy the Seal

“Boning down in the green grass”

In vinyl on Saturday, 1 October, 2011 at 22:42

Song: Brown Eyed Girl (c0ver)
Artist: Lagwagon
Album: Trashed

When punk covers go right. I think Lagwagon breathes some genuine life into the original, as opposed to just playing it loudly and brattily. Then again, that is one of the ways a good punk cover works with classic songs– pumping up the volume and noise showcase the songwriting and put it in your face. (Think: any Ramones cover of a 50s or 60s pop song, e.g. “Do You Wanna Dance?”) Sure the vocal melody is all sweet to sing to, but unless you’re a nerd, you don’t always notice the underlying structure (most people remember the vocal melody as it is). For example, I prefer the way this song ends out over how it does in the original– instead of “la di da” until the end, the vocals stop, and for the last thirty seconds, the churning guitars highlight/repeat that one-line melody that doesn’t appear anywhere else in the song. Here, I feel the instrumental fadeout is more effective than the vocal fadeout.

Lyrics updated slightly for modern times. I have no problem with a little cheekiness.

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