Sammy the Seal

“Sorry, I need reminding”

In vinyl on Thursday, 29 September, 2011 at 16:30

Song: Perfectly Crystal
Artist: Asobi Seksu
Album: Fluorescence

I don’t think I’m going to volunteer to work overnight again. Like how I used to work holidays for extra cash and to save vacation time. As the song says, “we always do what we never mean to.” Except I actually agreed, yeah. Peace of mind is better than money,

In order to express how I don’t feel, but would possibly like to, here’s a sunny, almost too-cheery slice of . I mean, my goodness, the shimmer, the effervescence, the utter sweetness of the melody and vocals. It’s almost a bit much, actually. But then there’s the surge of noise at the chorus. Especially the final one. Ahhhhhh…. Oh Asobi, why are you so dreamy poppy? Ha, that reminds me of an interview the band gave around the time of Citrus, I believe, it’s actually pretty funny. While asking about how Yuki deals with the nerdy male attention she gets from fans, the interviewer asks about her weirdest encounters, and she recollects:

“Someone talking to me about anime. That was weird. And I think I was surrounded by three of them at once, and they were all calling me Asobi. That definitely creeped me out.”

Or with people who want to speak Japanese with her, ugh:

“Sometimes it’s someone who’s like, ‘I’m learning how to speak Japanese, do you mind if I practice?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I mind.’ I’m not too fond of that, especially because I obviously speak English very well. I was born here. But I figure it comes with the territory.”

Fucking indie boys and their fetishes, ha ha. I bet for some losers, it’s a subtle (of course– what do you expect, directness?) way to hit on her. Hey, I know the male brain, especially the nerdy one. Put out a vague, mixed signal and see if she gets it. Yeah, good luck. I’ve met her. She headbangs and is a monster on the drums. I don’t think she fits the delicate Asian flower mold, ha ha.


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