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Sam’s classic c.c. muffins, dusted/coated in cinnamon and sugar

In delicious on Monday, 26 September, 2011 at 20:53

“Classic”… uh, yeah. That just means the cinnamon cardamom ones I always make. I covered them in an orange glaze one time. This time I melted a few tablespoons of butter, applied butter to the muffins via gentle dipping, then tossed them around in cinnamon and sugar. I’m not the only one who thought it had a banana taste to it, I attribute that to the trickiness of cardamom, it is an interesting spice. The photos below don’t do justice, as I didn’t have anything aesthetic to present them on. Also, it would have worked better if I had some kind of basting or pastry brush to lightly butter the muffins with, as opposed to dipping. I even dropped one in while on the phone. Also, I used superfine sugar, as that’s all I ever carry, so the smaller particles likely soaked up the butter quickly and thoroughly, as you’ll see below. The butter/sugar-cinnamon was more caked on than I’d have liked, though you can sort of see what I was going for. I’m thinking it was more the sugar particle size than the butter application method.

Appearance aside, these were really good. Enough so, that of the 15 total, I only shared about nine or ten, and kept the rest. Buttery, sweet, spiced, and mysteriously and subtly banana-y. I was proud of them.

dusted muffins 1

dusted muffins 2


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