Sammy the Seal

“No sir, oh, no sir!”

In funny ha ha, vinyl on Sunday, 25 September, 2011 at 19:00

Song: Here’s Your Future
Artist: The Thermals
Album: The Body, The Blood, The Machine

Man, did I need of a jolt of energy. I’ve hated lazy Sundays ever since I was a kid, when our routine consisted of church, lunch, then napping until 7 or 8. Waste of a day, ugh. I know some people, if not most, like those kinds of days, but I can’t stand them. That unbearable ennui permeates my Sundays ever since. My choice is also ironic considering the lyrics. I remember my scripture study, I don’t see how one can read all that and not get the impression that God is rather petty, petulant, violent, and partly psychopathic. Even back then, seeds of cognitive dissonance were sown upon learning the insane idea that hardship, injustice, “wickedness”, and life in general was a test by God– you know, our FATHER. (“I need you to pay for the sins I create.”) Now that’s some parenting, holding your children emotional/psychological hostage in order to control behavior. (“Fear me again, know I’m your father, remember that no one can breathe underwater”, “God asked Noah if he wanted to die…”) Watch this brief Mr. Show bit and tell me this isn’t the same (the first two scenes, not so much the butthole part), and that it’s just a joke.

So thanks, gang, for this ferocious, blistering song. Even though the song doesn’t kick into high gear until 0:50 (fuckin’ A!), the strumming that starts at 0:06 still excites. The “hey!” at 1:25, the guitar line that starts at 1:31, and, of course, that blazing solo– no hyperbole, these are likely forty of the most exciting seconds of music I’ve ever heard. I love turning this one up to 11.


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