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“Out of gas, out here on the Gaza Strip”

In music videos, vinyl on Monday, 19 September, 2011 at 18:09

Song: River Euphrates
Artist: Pixies
Album: Surfer Rosa

Didn’t I just do something by them? And I don’t mean the Breeders that just went up, that’s coincidence. Oh well, who cares. It would be easy to think of this song as merely the bridge between “Gigantic” and “Where Is My Mind?”, but what a foolish mistake. Other than the sloppy, yet melodic weirdness and fun vocals (including taking breaths in unison), the awesomeness of this song needs no explanation. And man, is it a simple song. Exactly halfway through, around 1:16, the song pretty much starts over and repeats, but with a different verse. And 1:15 later, it’s over.

Everyone all Doolittle this and Doolittle that, but– and I only speak comparatively, they’re all good– I personally tend to reach for Surfer Rosa and less respected, underrated Bossanova first. I still have a soft spot for the extra skrawk of their first full length. According to David Bowie, they were more appreciated in Europe than in the U.S. during their heyday (I always liked that word, it looks and sounds funny), and now that I think about it, much, if not most, of the performance clips from this time were from European shows, like this one in Holland:


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