Sammy the Seal

“A permanent figure of jacked-up sorrow”

In vinyl on Saturday, 17 September, 2011 at 23:36

Song: Blue Eyes
Artist: Destroyer
Album: Kaputt

I’m pretty sure I’ve said before how this is a good late-night record, and well, here’s a redundancy. Better, sweeter, smoother, and less showy than that schmaltzy Cary Brothers song of the same name. Sibel Thrasher’s 70s soul diva backing vocals sound kinda cheesy, but damn it, I actually like them. I can’t help but think of two aging, world-weary lead characters in a low-budget indie drama/romance when I see that subject line and hear that music. This and the whole album evokes such a throwback, lost-to-time tone. Hell, you could probably soundtrack most of that movie with the album.

And what is a Destroyer song without a good jab at the media? “I sent a message in a bottle to the press, it said, “don’t be ashamed or disgusted with yourselves'”. Ha, ha, ha, Dan.

(Evidently, I haven’t put any music up since last Friday. ??? Yikes.)


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