Sammy the Seal

“Oh, rats”

In funny ha ha on Tuesday, 13 September, 2011 at 13:47

Frith, Zeus, Joe etc. bless the person who made this. Unfortunately, it’s likely only a matter of time before corporate fascism works its magic. (Edit: 10/4/11– fucking corporations: it’s down. I’m not a Letterman fan, but compare to CBS, who has their own youtube channel and allows, get this, IT’S OWN PRODUCT to be shown and shared and enjoyed. This one’s not as great, but it still works. And let the countdown begin….)

(This is all moot, the original video was removed. Great business model, entertainment industry. Why are you losing money, again?) Look at all the jobs he has, he’s a jack of all trades. A litany of greatness:

– The crowd screaming in delight after Moleman trips and falls on his face
– “Oh dear. Now you’ve done it.” Made possible through Homer’s disregard for Edgar Allan Poe.
–  EVERYTHING about the Gremlin bit. It’s only fitting that he drives an AMC Gremlin, and it still took forever to pay it off. The writing on that scene is wonderfully layered.
– “Well, you’re certainly doing your job today, Mr. Sun… Oh, rats.” He barely cares.
– “From this point on, no talking.”
– “I’m going to get your Lucky Charms®.”
– “I need the biggest seed bell you have…. no, that’s too big.”
– “Help me!” At least he could afford a better car!
– Moleman getting consumed by the bubble from The Prisoner
– “Lots of luck!”


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