Sammy the Seal

Handsome Furs w/ Talkdemonic and Suuns, Neumo’s 9/10/11

In vinyl on Sunday, 11 September, 2011 at 5:54

The sweat stains on the sleeves of my shirt made it halfway down my arms. There were two or three songs where I was short of breath and my chest hurt due to my excitable state, leaving me trying to make it to the end of the song. That hadn’t happened in a while. (As a matter of fact, my chest still hurt more than an hour after the show.) After the front of the stage cleared, I crossed that space to see what was for sale even though I had no money and the air still felt hot from the crowd. When I got there, it appeared there were pillowcases for sale. Wholly unsurprisingly, they were sold out, so I didn’t get to catch a glimpse of one. Rats.

Of course, this can be possible only through the love and endless fire these Handsome Furs exuded, sparked, and stoked, but special mention must be made of the crowd, who actually came through. I’m proud of you, Seattle, you fucking brought it tonight. Because of you, I’m looking forward to what Alexei’s next tumblr post has to say about us.

Hope you got those mushrooms, Dan.

(Special mention also for Talkdemonic who led off, with a violin, a drum set, and a laptop, and no vocals(!), and still impressed and entertained me. It’s always fun to see a nontraditional instrument in a rock space. It appeals to my iconoclastic side. It was much more enjoyable than Suuns, who took for-freaking-ever to set up, and were too chaotically noisy and “experimental” for my tastes. The “choo choo” thing was a bit much.)

When I Get Back
All We Want, Baby, Is Everything
Memories Of The Future
Bury Me Standing* (love this one live)
What About Us?
Radio Kaliningrad*
Serve The People

Legal Tender (I really wish I had caught them when they were touring for Face Control. It’s possible all the songs could’ve killed me. Oh bum.)
something I didn’t recognize at all, so it’s likely not one of their songs

*I remember these ones made me especially tired


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