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Song: When I Get Back
Artist: Handsome Furs
Album: Sound Kapital

An appropriate line, coming from these two. Have a gander at their tumblr posts— it can get almost warm and fuzzy, actually. It would appear that wife Alexei writes at least most of them. In one, the author says they’re part Hispanic… I’m pretty sure that’s not Dan. So, brown blood, eh? Hell yeah. (She is kinda tan, silly me…) They were certainly like that at the Block Party, all grateful and stuff. It was cute. Like they haven’t been making music for years. But it’s almost time for the real show, yay! Obviously, seeing a band at a festival is way different than in a club, I just hope I don’t set up too many expectations. Reading those posts doesn’t help, especially the one about Austin.

(Warning: tangent approaching. I don’t go to too many shows in general, but reading it reminded me that, in my admittedly limited experience, there is a noticeable difference in crowd response at shows between north and south. It must be the southern hospitality thing, as I just remember crowds in Austin (disclaimer: I’m from TX, so that, for me, is the South) being more responsive and appreciative. In general, people are warmer and more open down south, that’s just their style. I’m not hating, but I have lived down there 22 years and 10 up here. It’s objective. I still remember the opening band (The Bicycles) for a show I went to (uh, Boy Least Likely To, cringe) while living in the NW the first go-round, and the lead singer’s real frustration after their set over the muted, non-existent response of the audience. (I paraphrase, but it was something like “I thought Seattle was supportive of the live music scene…”) And I completely agreed with him. They were energetic and I enjoyed them– I even bought a shirt, it had a big “B” on it, and my last name starts with “B”– but just showing up doesn’t equal support. It’s merely fulfilling one’s hipster/indie obligations. More often than not, I leave shows here satisfied, but during and after I find myself thinking it could be more fun if the audience had had more fucking enthusiasm, and consequently feeling a little bad for the band. Except for when a band’s style and M.O. was more subdued, that was rarely a problem in Austin. I remember leaving shows in Austin sweaty, dehydrated, and satisfied. Anyway, reading that post made me miss the music crowds down there. I hope we– the Handsome Furs crowd– put in a good showing this Saturday. Fire attracts/begets fire, so I certainly hope that holds true. Tangent over.)

I remember my initial reaction of how the vocals on this album sounded subdued or less urgent in comparison to their past work, which I still sort of stand by, but the melody is pretty accessible, and the vocals are eminently belt-worthy. Somehow I missed this one, even though it’s batting leadoff.

It’s weird to see Dan in this 80s-style jacket, ha ha. The quality is a little rough on this video, but that’s why I picked it. Who wants perfect fidelity, anyway? High fidelity is overrated too, for that matter.. Thanks once again for the documentary footage, Eastern Europe.

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