Sammy the Seal

Dead Bodies

In vinyl on Wednesday, 17 August, 2011 at 22:52

Song: Dead Bodies
Artist: Air
Album: The Virgin Suicides

What a terrific little piece of music. I wish I had more instrumental pieces in my possession. As far as film scores go, it’s this and a handful of other films, that’s all. I haven’t seen the film in ages, so I don’t remember what scene this scored, but nonetheless, this track is very effective on its own. Never mind a film scene, the frantic energy of this music can make any activity more dramatic. I was thinking it would be great for walking somewhere at night, but even at 7 this evening, my footsteps felt a slight sense of urgency walking towards their rather inconsequential goal. I also thought about listening to this in the morning, see if it can jumpstart someone in getting ready for their day and such, or any event. (Maybe it would help to film it.)

Those piano lines are in hot pursuit from 0:00, and the drums barely give you a head start. And once you hit the minute mark, the choir and synths are onto you as well. You’d best get to steppin’.


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