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“From above you how I sank into your soul”

In delicious, vinyl on Monday, 15 August, 2011 at 21:58

Song: King of Carrot Flowers Part 1
Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
Album: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

So many great, evocative lines. Carrot cake and “Carrot Flowers”, what a highly original link. I haven’t put up much music recently, so what that hell. That vigorous, jaunty strumming, goddamn, what a great way to crack things open. The music colors the imagery as simple and innocent, even though it’s clear the parents aren’t doing so hot. I’ve not often heard domestic issues sound so bright!

Anyway, last week I made myself a selfish carrot cake for my then-upcoming birthday. I thought about bringing some to work, then decided to keep most of it for myself. I don’t do that enough. I was thrilled this time, because of how thick and full the cake came out. Normally when one bakes dough or batter, the center rises more than the edges, which cook faster due to their adjacency to the hot pan. A little while ago, though, I read of a remedy: take a strip of towel, cloth or fabric, no wider than the height of the pan, that wraps around the pan once plus a little slack (I used part of an old CLEAN t-shirt), dampen it, then wrap it tightly around the outside of the pan and fasten it (I merely tucked the ends under the wrap and it held), and it will keep the sides cooler, giving them time to rise adequately, and the surface of the cake will be uniform in elevation. And it worked! No curves in the cake surface, flat, flat, flat. The process of frosting benefits too, see how it all holds below. (Note: the slight drip is due to having only one bit of cake to exhaust the last half cup or so of frosting. Like I’d waste it.) It was as exciting as it sounds. The future looks bright.

carrot cake bit

Look at that messy goop crawling down the side, yeah. And note the carrot thread protruding on the right. I like that too.

P.S. The secret ingredient is orange juice.

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