Sammy the Seal

The amputee

In You're a kitty! on Thursday, 4 August, 2011 at 11:46

Today’s hypothesis: you can be cute even if you’re limbless.

This is the standard model, indifferent with hints of disdain.

a lump of kitty 2

This type is more entertaining, and functional as well. Imagine that buggy little thing scooting around the floor with seemingly no propulsion. Slide a rag under it and set it about cleaning. Note that look of quiet determination– she’s got a job to do, and she’ll follow through with it. Good for hard surfaces, especially recommended for wood floors. The less friction, the better.

a lump of kitty 1

Fully accessorizable (?) as well, this one features a cool, chill-out expression.

cat in hat

Conclusion: furry and cute.


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