Sammy the Seal

“I’m looking for sweet dreams and sedatives…..”

In vinyl on Wednesday, 3 August, 2011 at 20:59

Song: Black Music
Artist: Davíd Garza
Album: A Strange Mess Of Flowers

“…..’cause my heart’s getting tired of the same old beat all day.” I was trying to decipher the end of that line, and now that I have, how apropos it is, eh? I was actually looking for something else downbeat, then here come an unlikely hero with an even unlikelier song. I could have gone with a more favored DG song, having consequently gone through more of his stuff, but proper credit must be given to the responsible fuzzy, opening chords, percussive bashes, the slowly, but persistently rising tides of piano, and weird noise at 0:01.

I sure did snap out of it but quick, this was very unexpected. Thanks again. Who knows, maybe I’ll lose this tomorrow. Maybe I’ll keep this jaunty tune in my back pocket.


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