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“I’m almost perfectly sane”

In music videos, vinyl on Tuesday, 2 August, 2011 at 11:46

Song: Fucked Up on Life
Artist: The Mr. T Experience
Album: Yesterday Rules

A perfect salve for those occasional, inexplicable bouts of self-consciousness, neurosis, and psychic malaise, much like the ones that struck the last couple of evenings. When you’re distant, or out of it, and you have no idea why. Then again, it’s a great song even if you’re feeling fine. I like to think that it’s one of Dr. Frank’s favorite songs he’s ever written. Or maybe not, he did write it around eight years ago. Still, it feels awkwardly personal and honest. Lots of great lines packed into one song, no spreading them out between songs.

Don’t trust the lyrics on their own, though, the melody is hopeful and the song as a whole is relatively upbeat. The instrumental arrangement is  layered, but still keeps things clean and simple. That last minute and a half of simple, interweaving lines of melody of which I can never pick which one to sing (that actually sound like a round) is just lovely and fantastic. Not only is it pretty, but it ends things on a reassuring note. Ahhh….

I don’t have many friends
just some pretty loose and dead ends
even one can be
a bit much for me
and they call me but I never end up calling them back
they lose patience as I lose track
I don’t care anymore
if I ever did before

But I’m not really paying attention
people say what reflects on them
and everyone’s lying like rugs
and everyone thinks I’m on drugs

But I’m just fucked up on life

‘Cause it doesn’t add up and I never know what should be done
I’m know I’m far from the only one
I stay out of the fray
I figure I do less damage that way
I’m outstanding (out standing?) in my field and all I ever want to do is just get plowed
I always feel outnumbered in a crowd
and if the truth be known
I feel outnumbered when I’m all alone

If you’re wondering why there’s no affect
when I speak, when you look in my eyes
I couldn’t begin to explain
I’m almost perfectly sane

But I’m just fucked up on life
I’m just fucked up, fucked up on life

I never know what I should do or say
whenever words fail me
I react reciprocally

I’m just fucked up on life

Just for show:

Songs: Fucked Up on Life, She’s Coming (Over Tonight)

  1. […] and it’s still one of the very best MTX tunes. (For me, it’s a toss-up between this and “Fucked Up on Life”.) The song is here in honor of having just re-read MTX ringleader Dr. Frank’s (né Frank […]

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