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Month-old strawberry peach pie

In delicious, vinyl on Monday, 1 August, 2011 at 14:03

Song: Ikebana
Artist/composer: Kevin Shields (the original score is his work)
Album: Lost In Translation soundtrack

I’ve been meaning to put this food up for a long time, but since I can’t remember exactly what I did on June 21, I want to put up the photos at least, because one of them was pretty. All I can remember is that I used three or four pounds of peach and at least one of strawberry, and that I didn’t use enough cornstarch. A quarter cup at least for next time. It’s the only time to date that I’ve made a pie that resembled soup on the interior. The quality of the fruit, though, was quite agreeable. The peaches especially had a perfect texture, a tender, yet firm crunch. The outside was pleasing to look at, though it belied the troublesome filling. And, this was a birthday treat. The birthday girl said she likes it a bit runny, so I guess I’m off the hook. But, the self-flagellation will continue in my mind.

There’s a topless photo, before baking, and the other is the immediately-after photo.

strawberry peach before

Pretty colors.

strawberry peach after

Note the slight puddle in the bottom center. Yet, I had no idea a veritable flood was coming.

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