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Chocolate scone, chocolate glaze

In delicious on Thursday, 28 July, 2011 at 11:31

Just one step towards getting rid of my cocoa, since I’m not big on chocolate. This one is exactly like the last one, but done with cocoa, and chocolate chips in place of cranberries, and without cinnamon or orange juice. Everything was halved except for the amount of chocolate chips, which remained at just over ½ cup, with a handful of them chopped and the rest whole. I wasn’t in the mood to do a choco glaze, but, having tried one plain, it didn’t taste chocolatey enough, so I added it after all. It was:

a little over 1 c powdered sugar
a little over ¼ cocoa powder
2.5 T milk

Whisk good, this one took longer than the usual 45 seconds, likely because the cocoa added extra bulk. It was probably also the reason it only made enough glaze for a half batch (fortunately for me), so double this if you make a full batch of scones (i.e., the one that uses three cups of flour).

plain choco scone

Di-rect from the oven, unadorned. Why is it blurry? Damn, just noticed. Well, too late for a re-take.

choco scone pair

choco scone pile


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