Sammy the Seal

“Move your idiot body ’round”

In vinyl on Wednesday, 20 July, 2011 at 20:38

Song: Idiot Heart
Artist: Sunset Rubdown
Album: Dragonslayer

I like the song and all, but honestly, what sold me on this for choice of song was the falsetto, yodel-type noise Spencer makes at the end (reminiscent of Raising Arizona?). I love that! Way more rock and featuring much more guitar than normal for them, but… well, one wouldn’t normally call Sunset Rubdown “fun” but you could almost use that word here, especially on that closing bit. By far, one of their most energetic songs, but with the requisite amount of weird and esoteric to qualify as Sunset Rubdown.

Allegedly, at 4:00, you can hear “Q-Chord”, an 80-second instrumental piece, from Shut Up I Am Dreaming. After a few listens, I couldn’t tell exactly which part they sampled, or else they used a Q-chord, and not the song. Check for yourself:

Song: Q-Chord
Album: Shut Up I Am Dreaming

I remember the one time I saw them live, one guy in the audience shouted out “play Q-Chord!” which I thought was pretty funny. But then, Asobi Seksu twice played “Risky and Pretty”, a 45-second instrumental piece, just before “In the Sky”, which is how they’re sequenced on Hush. As “Q-Chord” directly precedes the greatness of “Shut Up I Am Dreaming of Place Where Lovers Have Wings” on the album, I always thought of it as an intro track myself. So, it wasn’t so crazy for random guy to suggest. Alas, they played neither.


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