Sammy the Seal

“Everything she loved went down the dragon track”

In vinyl on Thursday, 14 July, 2011 at 11:41

Song: Fear of Trains
Artist: The Magnetic Fields
Album: The Charm Of The Highway Strip

Goddamn, that’s a great refrain. For a song with racial (“Blackfoot soul”), historical/political (most of the rest of the lyrics), and personal overtones, this song sure is a bouncin’ good time. I forgot how insidiously infectious this song is. It took hold last night and it won’t let go! I love the change in melody on the middle verse (“in the beet fields of Montana…”). Magnetic Fields songs are often great for singing along, and that middle part makes it perfect.

Perhaps I’m hearing things, but it sounds like Stephin Merritt is singing with a very slight country drawl, which is probably why I started doing it myself. Even if it turns out he’s not, it’s too late for me stop. To think I could’ve been listening to this back in 1994… well, I was a clueless pup, it’s okay. Absolutely splendid.


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