Sammy the Seal

“I know looks are deceiving, but I’m caught by those eyes”

In vinyl on Saturday, 9 July, 2011 at 17:31

Song: She Stands There
Artist: D Generation
Album: No Lunch

Subtract mood, douse in zip. So in the other corner, we have energy, exuberance, and a defiantly positive outlook: “…30 seconds or less to prove that I’m not like all the rest, and I am me/everything needs to start…” Not as thoughtful or emotive, but it’s plenty spirited, has heart and small touches of honesty: “I know looks are deceiving, but I’m caught those eyes/I make myself start believing there’s something special inside”, as well as slipping in “when I was a kid…” at the last moment. Not exactly groundbreaking subject matter, but that’s not what one really looks to punk for.

Mainly, I’m focused on the how-can-something-this-simple-be-this-catchy melody and the 139 seconds of sheer pep. I remember when I first heard this song well over ten years ago, when it immediately became an air drumming favorite, to this day. And when the solo rips open and piles on just under a minute in? Satisfaction.


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