Sammy the Seal

“It’s not gonna be just only a kiss”

In vinyl on Saturday, 2 July, 2011 at 22:15

Song: We Built Another World
Artist: Wolf Parade
Album: Apologies To The Queen Mary

“Everyone’s disguised just a little bit.” Dan Boeckner in classic form: imbuing simple, potentially clichéd lines with such conviction and heart, they come off as axioms. His songs are known for being more straightforward, but, starting with that jarring one-two drum that breaks the song open, the dynamic and structure of this song always felt slightly off-kilter (for him, anyway). It comes off a little uncomfortable or unfamiliar– befitting, actually, as the song itself has a dark, nervous energy propelling it.

This is still one of his/their best songs, a perfect marriage of Dan’s heart-on-sleeve rock and Spencer’s weird, but complementary flourishes. And not just instrumentally. For no reason in particular, I like Spencer taking lead vocals (with Dan backing, on his own song!) on “I had a bad, bad time tonight/bad things happen in the night.” What with Dan’s impassioned singing, it’s easy to overlook the backing vocals, but take notice of the somber, chant-like singing buried beneath the “we built another world” sections of the song and how much they do for grounding the mood. By the end, I, to this day, can never decide whether to sing those gloriously messy ooh’s or wail along with Dan. A tough choice, but one I’m thoroughly grateful to have.

(P.S. I actually had a good, good time last night. This is a feel-good song for me.)

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