Sammy the Seal

“You might catch that dizzy feeling”

In vinyl on Friday, 1 July, 2011 at 1:53

Song: There’s Only One Thing Left to Say
Artist: Velocity Girl
Album: ¡Simpatico!

Back on track and into 90s time! It’s astonishing the melody, harmony, and catchy backing vocals that get crammed into these two effervescent minutes. It’s criminal, really. This album was all about melodic indie pop-rock, and this its pinnacle. I’m surely parsing too closely, but I find the lyric “why’s it take so long?” highly ironic, as this terribly infectious number quells any such anxiety, all topped off with Sarah Shannon’s strong, direct, almost conversational, sweet-as-honey vocals. Pop and sugary as hell, and wisely ending before anyone can O.D.

Good and sunny, an appropriate way to say hello to July!

(Apparently, Velocity Girl was Sub Pop’s biggest seller at one point. Interesting. Ah, the old days.)


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